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in Montreal , Canada. 

We love helping people live healthier lives , 

and we’ve been doing it for the past 19 years!

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Need energy? Discover our organic and natural products in powder or capsules against fatigue: Maca, Camu camu, ... Find how to boost your body naturally!


Nature has provided certain elements with stimulating properties for our immune system. Inka Nature offers you several products that strengthen your body such as Desmodium, Graviola or Cat's Claw.


Discover our products from the balance range and adopt a healthy lifestyle with products such as Maca Chacon, Muna powder and other products from the Inka Nature range!


We take earning your trust seriously. That’s why we want to be clear about what’s in our products – and what isn’t. Check out which icons are on your Inka Nature products.


We take earning your trust seriously. That’s why we want to be clear about what’s in our products – and what isn’t.


We develop fair trade through the choice of cooperatives that respect the fair remuneration of local producers and workers on the land.


Innovation is essential because health is a never-ending quest that calls for ever greater performance. At Inka Nature, it is vital.

Recipes & Blogs

MACA, the magical root!

MACA, the magical root! Looking for energy, stamina and more?In nature, few plants show more pluck and endurance than the Peruvian maca turnip, which survives

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MACA Super Burger

You love summer and BBQ?. So we have created this juicy Burger rendition that will have your taste buds salivatin. With Inka Nature MACA Super

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MACA Spicy soup

How about a nice spicy soup? 1 glass fresh tomato juice1 teaspoon Junin maca powder½ cucumber1 stalk celery1 yellow pepper, sliced1 hot pepper or 1 tablespoon

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Customers Reviews

This is a very good Maca in our experience. Usually combine it with red and yellow Maca to get additional benefits. Great value in Maca and is excellent nutrition for overall health. well packaged and good price comparatively. Have bought before, will buy again.
Julie Roy

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I started talking maca and almost immediately felt the difference I noticed it by th way I felt when touching and talking to my wife there is a lot of chemistry between us and hadn't felt like this In a while. We recommend this products to everyone who need to improve their body.
Anthony S
I've never bought Camu Camu powder before, I ordered it around 4:50pm, they shipped it out the next day. For the price, it is a very good value. I put about a spoon or 3 in my juice in the morning and it works!!
Carole H
Inka nature maca is great for energy, i don't need coffee anymore. My chronic fatigue symptoms greatly improve. I take 4 caps at breakfast, then 2 others in the morning, without any digestive issue. I notice an increase in well-being , anxiety is almost gone too, which is great for socialising. Shipping was fast (i live in Europe), thank you !"
Mike Smith