MACA, the magical root!

by in Uncategorized June 1, 2020

MACA, the magical root!

Looking for energy, stamina and more?In nature, few plants show more pluck and endurance than the Peruvian maca turnip, which survives the extreme conditions up to 15,000 feet up the Andes mountains.Thriving on its ability to harvest nutrients in this sparse environment, maca is not only hardy on its own behalf, but also possesses reputed energy-imparting properties valued since the time of the Incas. Prized both in Peru and around the world, black maca has not only all the virtue of other forms of maca, but also seems to have the added effect of increasing sperm count, strength, and motility in men. However, like all maca, it is also valued by women who use it as a supplement to help mitigate the effects of menopause

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